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Super Natural

I had the good fortune to visit Phipps Conservatory last weekend for their "Super. Natural." show of mammoth sized glass art by Seattle glass artist Jason Gamrath. Here are two cell phone shots of some of the glass sculptures. This first piece of pink orchids I would estimate is about 8 feet tall!


Below is another cell shot of pitcher plants mounted in a pool of water, like they grow naturally.


What attracted me to the pitcher plants, beyond the obvious wow factor since they were probably 4-5 feet tall, was actually the abstract shapes and colors. Yeah, I do tend to see things weirdly. For that I got out the 'real camera'!

Glass Abstract    © Howard Grill

Glass Abstract    © Howard Grill


I took several like this of varying composition. It was too good to pass up. In addition to being stand alone art (sort of like my mural project), they might be fun to use as textures to blend in to other photos!

by Howard G

© Howard Grill