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Coquille River Lighthouse

A couple weeks back, I posted about what I do with my images when I return from a trip.  You can read my  strategy in my post entitled "What Do You Do After You Get Home From A Photo Workshop?"

Here are the first two images I have processed from an Oregon Coast workshop I led with Linda Torbert back in August. They are both of the Coquille River Lighhouse near Bandon, Oregon, which was first lit back in 1896. Unfortunately, the light went out in 1939, when it was replaced with an automated light on one of the jetties. I do have some very nice views of the lighthouse in the fog from across the river, but these caught my eye as a starting point!


The Coquille River Lighthouse    © Howard Grill


I was particularly drawn to the contrast between the brightly painted red wall and the slate blue stairs:


Coquille River Lighthouse Stairs    © Howard Grill


I have many more photographs to process! Processing has just been delayed because I have been spending quite a bit of time profiling and playing with different papers and settings on my new Canon ImagePrograf 2000 printer.