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New York, Zoomed

A few weekends ago I visited my son in New York City. Up in the hotel room there was a pretty nice view out the window. But it was the typical big city buildings and lights type of view. I decided that in addition to the standard shots from the window I would also try to do something a bit different. Something that might give the 'big city' feel but be rendered a bit abstract. So I decide to zoom the lens while shooting handheld long exposures.

Needless to say, I had to take quite a few photos before I got any that just looked 'right' and that appealed to me. But, by looking at the results on the LCD, I was able to make adjustments to the zoom speed and eventually I did make some that I liked. And thus we have "New York, Zoomed". It's always fun to play a bit and see what happens!


New York, Zoomed    © Howard Grill