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Molecules Of Art?

There is an idea I have had for a photographic project that has been nagging at me for several years. I keep trying to ignore it because I don't know if others will find it interesting, but it just won't let go. Realizing that others not finding something interesting is really not a good reason to not pursue it, I decided to give in to that little voice.

So what is this project? I have spoken about it before, but just touched on what it is about. The truth is that I am not yet sure exactly what it actually is about.....but perhaps that makes it a good idea to talk about.

Murals. I see murals. Well everyone sees them. You know the kind I am talking about.....the kind that are painted on the sides of buildings. Well, I can enjoy the mural taken as a whole and as the artist meant for it to be seen. But then I see these little segments of it. Little segments that themselves look like small pieces of abstract art in a way that is different from the original intent of the artist


Mural Abstract 1


These small pieces of the whole somehow look like they could be complete works to me.

Mural Abstract 2

A somewhat bizarre thought, that a piece of artwork could be composed of many, many smaller pieces of art that have nothing to do with the whole and don't resemble it in the least. Molecules of art?

Mural Abstract 3

The colors are vivid, but I think it also works reasonably well in toned black and white.


Mural Abstract In Toned Black And White    © Howard Grill