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Daydream In Red

I photographed this scene during a few days I had off and was able to go out with some of my 'photo buddies' to shoot fall colors. The nice thing about going out to photograph with friends is that you feed of each other, sharing both enthusiasm and creativity. When I saw this row of trees with their red leaves I made several different types of abstract images using zoom and multiple exposure techniques, but none of them seemed to convey the 'dreamlike' feeling I was after. So instead I started with one of my 'straight shots' and got to work trying to make it look like the feeling I had in mind.....that feeling of waking up in a hazy dream. The final print was processed using negative clarity, some glow from Color Efex Pro, and two different texture applications. Now it looks the way it felt.

"Daydream In Red"    © Howard Grill

By the way, the title and feel of the image was inspired by a song entitled "Daydream In Blue" by the British electronic group "I Monster". For those fans of the TV show "Mr. Robot", the song was used in the opening show of the new second season (great show though admittedly a little creepy).

OK then, Daydream In Blue.....this is the harder to find slow acoustic-y version which I prefer (yes, it is a bit of a lusty song :)  Oh, and remember that if you get these posts via e-mail the videos don't seem to come along so you will have to go to the actual blog post itself if you care to watch/listen!

And a bit of Mr. Robot, Season amazing show: