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The Flume Waterslide At Ohiopyle State Park

I took a few days off last week to photograph some of the local fall color here in Western Pennsylvania with some friends. We were perhaps a bit early for the color, but what could be better than being out in nature making photographs with friends?

The so called 'Flume' natural waterslide at Ohiopyle State Park is actually considered one of the top ten natural waterslides in the country.....check it out! I have been here to photograph the waterslide several times, but never really came home with a photo I liked, until now. Two interesting bits about the photo. One of the first things I do with a new image is to make sure it is perfectly level and that the straight lines are straight. I found looking at this image a bit dizzying because there really are no straight line references. In fact, the slope on the right does slope downward and the slope on the left does shift heights. The only thing to really 'straighten' as a reference are the irregular stone stairs on the left in the distance.  Another thing that I particularly enjoy in this photograph is the contrast between the portions of the rock that are dark because they are wet from the splashing water and the dryer lighter toned rock.

The one thing the image doesn't convey is the sound of nature. Water moving at that speed through the rock passage it has carved out over time makes a constant, relaxing, and very pleasant 'white noise' background to get lost in while making your photograph.....

The Flume At Ohiopyle    © Howard Grill