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Trees In The Mist, Moraine State Park

As you look at the work you produce you can sometimes start to see patterns that emerge.  These can be repetitive subjects, similar processing techniques, or any number of other possibilities. I actually think its quite interesting and can constitute a peek into what you are subconsciously interested in.

One theme that seems to recur in the images that I make is trees. What can I say, I really like them!  And while I do a good number in color, I recently realized that when it comes to trees I tend to do most of them in black and white. This particular photo is one that I made just a few weeks ago at Moraine State Park in Portersville, PA.

I recently started photographing with the high resolution Canon 5DsR, and the detail is truly astounding. It is hard to see in a small blog post image, but the white hazy object over that juts over the upper portion of the tree on the right is a large spiderweb. I hadn't even noticed it when I made the photo. On the original image, if you go to 100% magnification, you can easily and distinctly see each individual strand of the web. The spider was not home!


Trees In The Mist, Moraine State Park    © Howard Grill

by Howard G

© Howard Grill