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Behind Cedar Falls

I thought I might take a brief break from the cemetery photos, but they will be back.

This image illustrates the general premise that it is always good to look behind you when you are out photographing. Sometimes you can get so engaged by the 'main event' that it becomes easy to miss other things that might also make for a very nice photo.

A couple weeks back, I had posted an image of Cedar Falls from a recent trip I took with two of my 'photo buddies' to Hocking Hills State Park in Ohio. Cedar Falls is the tallest falls in the park, so it is easy to overlook anything else around it.  As I was photographing, I heard one of my friends yell "hey, look back here!". It was a smaller falls we had all seen while hiking up but never really went to check out.  He was wise enough to do so.  It didn't really take much effort, as you just have to turn around and scramble down a few rocks, which brings you to level ground at the bottom of the falls. This falls is unnamed and, I suspect, likely not present when the water level gets low.  We arrived for the spring thaw and so there it was.  


Unnamed Waterfall, Hocking Hills    © Howard Grill


I am going to guesstimate that the cliff is about 10-12 feet high. I really liked the way the water started out wide and then flowed together, as if through a funnel of sorts, before it again spread out at the bottom.

If you head out to Hocking Hills State Park you will undoubtedly end up at Cedar Falls at some point.  Turn around, climb down the couple of rocks to your right and see if this is still there.  If you do, I would be curious to know what you find!

by Howard G

© Howard Grill