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Why Photograph Cemeteries?

As I make more cemetery photographs and potentially see this series evolving into a project, I feel like I must ask myself what the project is really about.  What am I trying to say?  What am I looking for in the images? What is motivating me to make these photos? What would I like to make photos of but have not yet found a way to do so?

Sometimes getting a project started involves far more questions than answers.  But I think that is potentially a good sign!

"Patiently Waiting"    © Howard Grill

So here are some of the answers I have come up with so far, knowing that not all the questions have been asked and that not all the answers are complete.  A few weeks ago  was just going and shooting at a new place and I would not have even thought of any of the questions nor started to formulate any answers. The fact that I am thinking about these issues is what has clarified to me that this is likely a 'project in the making'.

What is this project about and what am I trying to say?

It seems to me that there are several themes underlying this potential project.  First, I know what it is not about.  It is not about cemeteries being scary, haunted, or creepy.  It is not even about them being spiritual. I am not interested in ghosts or in creating backdrop scenes for horror movies.

Most of all, it is a celebration of life.  It is about that we can be remembered by someone long after we are gone. It is about my bringing back memories of people who may have been long forgotten.  There is no way around the fact that it has to be a little bit about dealing with the fear of death as an inevitability.  It is about the fact that ultimately nature reclaims everything. It is about things that are likely dwelling in my subconscious that I don't even realize yet.


What am I looking for in the images?

After being out photographing numerous times I have broken down the image 'types' into several varieties:

  • gravestones that tell or hint at a story, such as the image "Patiently Waiting" in this post
  • gravestones that have a touch of humor, either subtly or blatant...believe me, they are out there
  • patterns within stones or made by stones
  • details of statues
  • mausoleum architectural details
  • a sense that it is not all gravestones; that there is nature in the cemetery as well
  • images that send the message that ultimately nature reclaims all


What would I like to make photos of but have not yet been able to do so?

This one is easy.  I have no images yet that include human interaction. That is hard for me because I am not one to ask people I don't know if I may take their photograph (though it doesn't necessarily require that). The cemetery is  a place where people come to visit their relatives and friends.  But it is also a pretty place where people go to walk, run, ride their bikes least the one I photograph in is that sort of place.  I would like to have some images where people are seen doing all those things in addition to grieving or remembering.  I would also like to have some images that depict wildlife such as deer and birds among the graves. We will see how it all transpires and what the project turns into.