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How To Change The Epson 7900 And 9900 Printhead

As long time readers may know, some time ago I had major problems with my relatively new Epson 7900 printer.  In fact, I ended up buying a new one because the cost of having Epson service replace the printhead was closely approximated the cost of a brand new printer which came with a one year warranty, as opposed to the thirty day warranty the Epson service came with.

Had I seen this video by Eric Gulbranson, I might have had half a chance at fixing it myself.  At any rate, I would have tried.  So I thought I would share the information.  But here's the thing, I watched it even though I don't need a printhead replacement simply because it is actually quite interesting to see what is going on behind all those covers.  Really it is!! And Eric is quite entertaining to boot. His website also contains more valuable Epson printer information.  If you find it useful why not make a small donation. I did, as it has to have taken quite a bit of effort to make these videos.  

And here is one more that I am probably going to try to do myself as part of routine maintenance that appears simple enough.  I have shared this one once before, but it probably bares repeating.  And thanks to long time blog reader Lee Moses for pointing these videos out to me!  Thanks Lee.

Addendum: I did the wiper blade change myself.  Nothing could be easier.  Like the video said, takes a minute.  It might have taken me two minutes because I was nervous with it being my first time and all! The two year old wiper blade was really pretty grungy.