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The Palouse In Spring

There seem to be two prime times to visit the Palouse in Eastern Washington / Western Idaho. The first is around June, when the various crops are in their early stages, with patchworks of abstract greens and browns (from areas being allowed to lay fallow), and the second is in August, when the harvest occurs.

One of the bonuses of visiting in the spring is the possibility of finding bright yellow fields of canola in bloom.  Why do I say 'possibility'? The first reason is that there are not all that many canola fields and the second is that the canola flowers don't bloom for very long.

Well, sometimes you're lucky and sometimes you are just with the right people who know where to look (like John Barclay and Dan Sniffin).  We ended up finding several fields of canola during the workshop I attended in the Palouse, of which this was one.

I decided to break the usual photographic compositional rules here and allow the frame to be divided exactly in half.  Sometimes it works and the rules should be broken.  It seemed to work in this image, at least for me! I don't think it would have were it not for the clouds, which further subdivided the blue portion of the image.