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Quick Quotes: Alfred Stieglitz

 “In photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality.”

Alfred Stieglitz

I am always intrigued when a quote from the past seems to hold a truth that makes one reflect on the present. Seeing this quote immediately made me think about what is possible (some fortunate and, in my opinion, some less fortunate) with photography in the digital age.  

Does the 'grunge' style of HDR processing become more real than reality?  Does oversaturation? Enhancing clarity?  Is 'more real than reality' good or bad?

My own personal feeling is that we can benefit from heeding the words 'reality so subtle'.  That a subtle enhancement of reality can allow us to feel more deeply what the photographer wants us to.

But what about the enhancement of reality that is more than subtle?  Does it matter if the artist wants one to believe it is real or not?  Does it matter if the viewer clearly understands that reality has been enhanced beyond subtlety? Is that not what 'personal style' is all about?

I offer no answers except to say that a quote from the past that makes one think of so many questions in the present is a quote worth knowing and thinking about!

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