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The Brown Sisters

Photographer Nicholas Nixon has, starting in 1975 and for the last 36 years, photographed his wife and her three sisters posed in the same sequential order.  In 1999, marking the 25th anniversary of the project, he published "The Brown Sisters".  That book is long out of print, but recently the Museum of Modern Art has reprinted it and expanded the book to include the yearly photos taken up to and including 2008. Somehow, the portraits convey much more than just the progression of age.  The Museum of Modern Art apparently also has in its archives most of the actual photographs which can be seen here, though I am  unsure why they do not have them in chronological order on their website.

At the time I was initially writing this post, the Museum's second addition of the book, which contained the 33 images through 2008, was for sale and I was lucky enough to get one.  I believe it is now out of print again, so you will have to make due with the website images.

The book is excellent though, and if the project appeals to you I would recommend scooping one up if they print another edition.