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Black & White Waterfall

I was recently making photos in one of my favorite areas, a state park that is not too far from my home.  It was after a long day's rain and the water flow in the park was vigorous.  I had to scramble up a hillside to get to a collection of rocks that I could see had water flowing over them.  I liked the images I made on the hill, but the rocks were dark brown and muddy.  So the color images just seemed to lack something and I decided to try converting them to black and white. In this particular instance, I had taken a series of HDR exposures.  However, preferring a very natural look to HDR, I processed the image in my new favorite method of dealing with HDR......I imported the 32 bit TIFF back into Lightroom and processed the photo with Lightroom controls as well as a few subsequent curves in Photoshop.

In this instance, I much prefer the black and white image over the color version.

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