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John Sexton and Kim Weston: Interviews

I happen to run across an interesting set of interviews and tutorials that are sponsored by Epson and directed towards black and white photographers. First, the interviews.  Each interview is going to be divided into several parts, with each segment lasting 5-10 minutes.  The segments are going to be released sequentially and only the first one for each interview has been released.  The interviews are with photographers John Sexton and Kim Weston.

I have listened to the first section of each and found them very enjoyable.  They are about the art of photography as well as a bit about (as one might imagine (Ansel Adams and Edward Weston).  Definitely worth a listen.

On the same page are a number of tutorials regarding digital black and white printing.  I have just started to listen to them, so I can't yet comment on their usefulness.

I thought I would share these with you. The 'whole shebang' of interviews and tutorials can be found here: Interviews With John Sexton And Kim Weston.