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Stacy Butera

I have always found it interesting that a group of photographers can go to the same location and walk away with vastly different images.  That fact is testament to the old Ansel Adams quote that "There are always two people in every picture, the photographer and the viewer".  So when I run across photographers who spend time making images at sites that I frequent, I am always interested in seeing their work. Through comments she made on my blog, I recently ran across the work of photographer Stacy Butera. Stacy lives in the same general area as I do and apparently has taken the opportunity to photograph at some of the same locations that I have.  I spent some time on her website and really enjoyed the work I found there, which tends to exude a quiet stillness, as exemplified in the image below.

"Shawnee Lake Dock"

Copyright Stacy Butera

Check out her other work at her website here.