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I have been taking my New Year's resolutions pretty seriously this time around!  The resolutions included getting out in the winter cold and snow to photograph.  Check.  Have a look at my last few posts and you can see that I have been doing that.  Another was to focus on finishing some projects.  I have written about my Carrie Furnace Project before and have made it into an e-Book.  But I still hadn't made it a complete 'portfolio' of prints.  Well, that is now also completed! There is now a complete and formal presentation of the project in the form of a 44 print portfolio.  It comes in a beautiful Pina Zangaro anodized aluminum case that is reminiscent of the steel industry with one of the portfolio images on the front.  The inside of the case is lined with acid free material to give a nice contained fit to the forty four 8.5x11 inch images that are printed on hot press, archival, matte finish fine art paper that is quite thick (330g/m2) with a luxurious tactile feel.  The folio also contains a 4 page explanatory pamphlet about the project and the location, as well as a list of the prints.

The Carrie Furnace Portfolio Box

The image below is one of the forty three portfolio prints.  Each print has an image, the image title, and the project's name on it.

The folio is for anyone with an interest in Western Pennsylvania and its history, the steel industry, or urban exploration and is now available on my website.