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Morton's Overlook

Last April, when I was on my trip to Smoky Mountains National Park, I had the opportunity to photograph sunset at the well known Morton's Overlook.  I wrote about that in a post back in August describing my first panoramic image. Recently, I was going through some of the photos that I had ranked highly from that trip but not yet processsed.  One of the images was not a frame that went into the panorama, though it could well have been.  Interestingly, what I found was that I actually liked this single frame and it's format more than the panorama simply because it brought focus more directly on what had attracted me to the scene in the first place, which was the overlapping shapes of the mountains.

A good is always a good idea to pay attention to what draws you to a scene in the first place in order to make the strongest possible composition and visually communicate what you were thinking.

Morton's Overlook

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