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Annual Pilgrimage To Jennings

Every year in July/August I visit Jennings Environmental Center.  Jennings is an environmental anomoly.  It is a midwestern prairie that was formed in Western Pennsylvania by glacial movement during the ice age.  And with that comes prairie vegetation....most notably Liatris spicata......the "Blazing Star".

Blazing Star

Copyright Howard Grill

This year, I felt like I was being a little repetitious, making compositions that just involved the Blazing Stars.  So I 'forced myself' to make photographs of the other things around me on the prairie.  I particularly enjoyed this photograph of the trail and a small wooden bridge surrounded by wildflowers.

I made this visit with several friends.  Though it is barely visible in the small web image below, two of them managed to get into the photo and I hadn't noticed them when I took it (they are just under the branch of the tree).  But they are quite visible when the photo is printed, even to 8x10.  So, Tim and Bob, if you happen to read this.....prepare to be cloned!