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Photoshop CS6 File Save Error

One of my most popular posts in the past was way back a few versions ago of Photoshop when I posted a fix to a Photoshop save error that was related to Version Cue.  Well, with the new Photoshop CS6, I have now run across another error related to saving (completely unrelated to the one noted above).  I hope this fix will be equally as helpful. The error in question is that when trying to save a TIFF file one gets an error message that "Could not save file (name of file) because the file is already in use or was left open by another application".  When one goes and tries to save the file again it generally does save but time is lost, particularly if the file is a large one, waiting for the save to occur the first time around.  As it turns out, this only seems to happen when Bridge is also open.  At any rate, the problem is more extremely irritating than deadly.

But there is a fix! In Bridge simply go to Edit>Camera RAW Preferences and under "JPEG and TIFF Handling" turn off TIFF support.  Problem solved.  It worked for me.  A discussion about the issue can be found here.