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Art. Happenings.

It is amazing how many really interesting and worthwhile websites and blogs are 'out there' that one doesn't know about until someone else mentions it, you happen to find a link, or run across it by accident.  That is one of the reasons I like mentioning interesting sites that I happen to that others might discover and possibly enjoy them. And so it is with "Art. Happenings".  Truth be told, "Art. Happenings" came to me in order to write a post about my Carrie Furnace Project, and for that I am truly flattered.  But what is "Art. Happenings."?

"Art. Happenings." is a blog written by the art librarian at the Central Library in Rochester, NY, who develops their collection in several art forms, one of which is photography.  The blog itself is best described as......well, perhaps the blog's masthead describes it best: "A happening is a performance or event that is considered to be art. This blog covers world art events, art news and publications, and will expose the reader to all areas of the art world. The fine arts will be covered such as painting, sculpture, assemblage, installation, photography, conceptual art, large scale craft related events, handmade/altered books, and printmaking. Blog is maintained by an Art Librarian at the Rochester Public Library (NY)."

The blog is a great way to keep up with events in the various arts, with a healthy helping of photographic happenings in the mix.  It is definitely a spot that I plan to visit frequently!