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What About Us Still Photographers?

It has been some time since the Canon 5D MkII has been updated, and rumors of the 5D Mk III abound.  However, I find it disconcerting that most on-line discussions seem to focus on a new camera's video capabilities.  I understand how exciting video capability is to some people, but I miss the days when speculation and improvements were directed towards still imaging.  Frankly, I find trying to produce the highest quality still images that I can extraordinarily challenging.  I don't know where I would even find the time to try to learn video capture to the level of quality that I would want to achieve. Is it too much to ask for the ability to capture 7 or even 9 exposure bracketed images in this era of HDR capture (Nikon in this price bracket can)?  How about better noise characteristics at 400 and 800 ISO?  The ability to capture in-camera multiple exposures (yup, Nikon can)?  Improved auto-focus? GPS tagging in camera (OK, I could let that one slip by and be none the worse for the wear)?  An articulated LCD to be able to get higher or lower tripod mounted angles while using Live view to focus?  The ability to g0 +/- 3EV without calculating exposure and going to manual? Yes, the newly announced 1D-X does many of these things, but at an almost $7000 price tag.

Really, I would rather have these things than improvements in video capture.  In fact, for me, I would gladly give up the ability to capture video if Canon would just deliver these features in a reasonably priced model with a top notch full frame sensor!  Ah well, I guess I must not be the type of consumer being targeted by the marketing departments.  I don't know, perhaps I am alone in this........