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Nancy Rotenberg

Sadly, Nancy Rotenberg passed away this last weekend.  Nancy was an exceedingly talented photographer and, more importantly, an amazing human being.  She was a friend and a key mentor in my learning how to photograph.  At the core of her teaching was the idea that, in order to make exceptional photographs, one has to go 'beyond the handshake' and truly connect emotionally with the subject.  Only then can you see 'past the surface'. Not only did she herself touch the lives of many, but her 'way'  also attracted many like-minded people , enabling folks from far and wide to form lifelong relationships that they otherwise would not have had.  In that way, among many others, she continues to touch the living.

Rather than my writing about Nancy, I will refer readers to the words of people that were privileged to know her far longer than I did and who are also more eloquent than I am able to be:

Ray Klass's words about Nancy Rotenberg

Marti Jeffers' words about Nancy Rotenberg