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The View From Mount Washington

As many readers likely know, Pittsburgh is a city of bridges.  These bridges are integral to crossing our three rivers (for you geography buffs, those would be the Allegheny, Monongahela, and Ohio Rivers). Pittsburgh is also a city of hills.  One of the most noted heights in the city is Mount Washington, where lucky condo owners on one side of Grandview Avenue overlook the city below.  But if you live on the other side of the street or, in my case, another part of the city, there is no need to fret.  There are plenty of public viewing platforms along the avenue. Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to awaken at 4:30 AM to meet my "Sunday Morning Shooting Buddies" at 5:15 to watch and photograph the sun rising over the city.  This image is from before the sun came up over the horizon:

Pittsburgh Sunrise Seen From Mount Washington