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Getting Work Out There II

Seven or eight months ago, I had written a post about the efforts involved in 'getting one's work out into the world' by submitting images to shows and magazines.  I ended up taking my own advice and, though I haven't submitted to any shows, I did prepare some magazine submissions.  I am glad to report that I have had some success.  Earlier this year I had an image published by B&W and I was just recently informed that two of my images received merit awards and are going to appear in the upcoming 2011 Color Magazine Single Image Issue. I mention this because a) I am not a photographer by profession and b) if I can do it, so can you.  It is just a matter of , as I mentioned in that prior post, doing the not trivial amount of work involved in getting images 'out there'.  I would definitely encourage anyone interested in publishing their work to go ahead and submit it to an appropriate venue (and finding that venue can itself take some effort).  And remember, if you submit you can be 100% certain that you will get some rejections, and that is a fact that just takes some getting used to.  It may mean absolutely nothing in regards to the quality of your work.  Issues such as what was recently published, the fit of the submission to the venue, available space, and other factors all play a role that may be as as important as the quality of the photographs themselves.

Last year I had submitted several images to the Color Magazine 2010 Single Image Issue for consideration and none were accepted.  I submitted several images again this year, for the 2011 Single Image Issue, and am pleased that I received two "Merit Awards".  The images:

AuTrain Falls In Michigan's Upper Peninsula

"Last Leaf Of Fall

Category: Seascapes/Water

Zone Plate Image

Dreamscapes #4

Category: Abstract/Metaphor