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Get The Hell Outta' Bed

Lets face is really tough to get out of bed at 6AM on a work day, let alone at 5AM on the precious weekend, even if it is to go out and photograph. Sometimes it is just plain impossible to get up. Nonetheless, every time I force myself up, even if it turns out that there were no interesting photographs to be had, it always ends up just feeling good to have been up before the rest of the world to watch the new day dawn.

However, some days the early awakening is associated with great photos, either because conditions are just right or because the muse speaks. Some days, well, not so much! But it is never had I slept in two weekends ago I would have missed this beautiful sunrise over Lake Arthur.

Sunrise Over Lake Arthur
Copyright Howard Grill

One way that I make sure that I don't roll back over in bed is that I have a group of two or three other photographers that I go out with on Sundays. We have a pre-arranged meeting time and place that we have committed to, which makes it much harder to roll over and go back to sleep. I don't always use that strategy, but it sure helps.

So don't just roll over. Get your ass out of bed and see what you've been missing!