Motivation is a photography blog that discusses the creative aspects of photography. The posts will include thoughts about images and their interpretation, photographers and their work, technique, workflow, my ongoing projects, and perhaps even the occasional off topic rant.

Getting Work Out There

As I was leisurely taking some photos the other day, I began thinking about the fact that the images were about to go into my personal collection. I was just having fun, so the pictures weren't serious photographs, but it made me start to think about the images I have that are good (or at least I like them). Those are also in my personal collection. But how do they get to see the light of day? How does one get these photographs to be seen by others who might appreciate them and their message? It doesn't do anyone any good to have them sitting on a hard drive 'living in the dark'.

It seems to me there is only one answer, and that is to get your work 'out there'. The problem is, of course, that getting it 'out there' is hard work! I had always thought that the 'work' (if you can call it that) was in the taking, processing, and printing of photographs. Turns out that is just the preparation involved with getting the artwork ready to 'go out into the world'.

So one of my goals is to try a bit harder to get my images 'out there'. In an effort to do this, I am going to be submitting more of my work to juried shows and magazine submissions. I think many folks don't realize how time consuming and difficult that aspect of 'being an artist' really is!