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Quick Quotes - Daryl Benson

"The moment you take the leap of understanding to realize you are not photographing a subject but are photographing light is when you have control over the medium."
Daryl Benson

Isn't it quite amazing how the same scene can look wonderful if the light is just right, but quite plain if it isn't?

Foggy Morning
Copyright Howard Grill

Daryl Benson's quote vividly reminded me of taking this photograph. This particular location can look quite amazing with mist and the right light. On this particular autumn morning the fog was just breaking up as the warm rays of sunrise started illuminating the scene. I had bever seen this location in Moraine State Park look quite like this. I really enjoyed photographing this as an 'intimate landscape'. However, if the light isn't right you would just walk right by and not give the spot a second look!