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Camera Motion Abstracts

Time to get back to showing some actual images! A few weeks ago, I went out with a friend to photograph in a park that I hadn't been to before. At one point, after having been out for a few hours, the lighting became a bit harsh, so I started experimenting with making abstracts by purposefully moving the tripod mounted camera in the vertical plane. This is the sort of thing that one has to do many times over in order to get something that looks 'right'. This is one of my favorites from the series that I took.

Copyright Howard Grill

Alain Briot, who does a magnificent job with these sorts of images, has been writing a series about the aesthetic and technical issues surrounding this sort of image making on The Luminous Landscape. The two articles he has written can be read here and here

Another person who has produced amazing work using this technique is William Neill. Find his e-book "Impressions Of Light" here. Beautiful images and well worth the price of $15.