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Epson 7900 Experience - Repair Scheduled

I hadn't really planned to write so many blog posts about my Epson 7900.....but then again, I also hadn't planned on having problems printing on third party media with it either. I do hope that anyone else who might be having this problem will be helped by reading about what is going on with my printer. "Aldberg", in response to this post from a few days ago also reports a fairly similar problem with his 9900, and he has gone through three of them thus far.

To briefly continue the story, I received a package from Epson with a new printhead and capping station as well as a sub-assembly board in the mail even though they hadn't mentioned that they were going to be sending me any parts. The Epson tech is coming from a fair distance away on Wednesday. I spoke with him on the phone and he seemed genuinely concerned. I was heartened by his comment that one should be able to print on any third party media with these printers...which is not the response I was getting from Epson Central.

I will report back on Wednesday as to what happens.