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One Idea Begets Another

I think it's interesting that sometimes looking over photographs that one has taken can lead to ideas about making new types of images.

For example, I previously wrote about making abstract urban and skyscraper photographs. I recently decided to print one that utilized a telephoto lens to 'compress distance', leading to an image that, to me, took on an abstract feel. I was happy with the way it came out:

Old And New
Copyright Howard Grill

As I looked at it, I was amazed with the appearance of the reflections in the windows of the building on the left. Initially, looking at the image as a whole, they didn't take on that much importance, though their tone and warmth did add to the overall image. But as I continued to look at the reflections it seemed like they could take on a significance of their own, which led me to the idea that they could almost make a separate project. Such a project could entail making images of window reflections that appeared as abstract colors and shapes, rather than reflections grounded in reality. Here is a crop showing just the abstract color and shapes from one of the windows from the building on the left. Of course, it is unsharp because I have cropped only a small area of the entire image and enlarged it, but you get the idea....I could easily have walked closer to the building and filled the entire frame with the window:

Window Crop
Copyright Howard Grill

I am intrigued that the idea for a whole new set of images can come from looking carefully at a photograph that you have already made.