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Image Critique

Despite the proliferation of social networking and photography related websites, I believe it remains difficult to get well thought out and constructive critiques of one's images. There are probably many reasons for this. Some that immediately come to mind include:

The time needed to critically evaluate and write up one's thoughts about an image.

The expertise and ability to critically evaluate an image beyond the basics.

The desire not to feel like you are insulting the creator of the image (ie, being nice).

And, unfortunately, there is, I suspect, a real issue with wanting to favorably critique an image in order to have the favor returned.

However, the fact is that in order to grow and progress as a photographer and artist one needs critical and constructive evaluations of their work. I would much rather have someone give me thoughtful and carefully considered negative feedback about an image than a quick 'great shot' comment. Certainly, after receiving such feedback I put much more thought and consideration into my own evaluation of the image, even if I had considered it 'done'. After all, how else can one improve?

Obviously, my writing about the issue here is not very likely to bring about any change, so why do so? For one thing, I do think that hearing another person's image well critiqued is also an extremely useful learning experience....which brings me to the main thrust of this post.

Alain Briot, whose workshop I have attended in the past, now has available on his website a monthly image review of a photograph that has been submitted to him. The first review was very recently made available. It is in Quick Time format and lasts about ten minutes. Moreover, in my mind, this is the epitome of what a helpful and constructive review can be. It may not be my image, but I can nonetheless learn from the review. A very worthwhile listen, indeed. I know I plan to check back frequently to hear what Alain has to say. To hear what Alain has to say just follow this link and then click on the blue link on the top of the page to access the review.