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Experimenting With Long Shutter Speeds

I went out to photograph a bit this morning with an aim towards experimenting. I wanted to try out a new 'gadget' that I just purchased (though, given the {over}price, I hardly think it could be called a mere gadget).

I am speaking of the Singh-Ray Vari ND Variable Neutral Density Filter. This rather unique filter lets you 'dial in' a neutral density 'strength' of up to 8 stops. Today, I gave it a whirl with flowing water. This image is shot at f16 with a 1 minute exposure using the filter dialed up pretty near to its max:

Copyright Howard Grill

This, of course, was a quick first time out and a very obvious use for nature imaging. If you think about it, lots of possible ideas come to mind: water with swirling autumn leaves, snow, rain, imprssionistic blowing flowers, urban images with ghostlike moving people, cars, trains etc, smeared out clouds, surf ...the more I think the more ideas I come up with.

As I use it I will post some more examples.....I just think it is going to turn out to be a device that one can use to get some really creative effects.