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The Trouble With Trillium, Part III

Several weeks back (here and here), I wrote about needing some advice in order to improve my photographs of the trillium in a local park. In return, I received some excellent suggestions, which can be read as comments to the postings.

On occasion, I am able to get a day off and go out for some photographing, and today was one of those days. I was really looking forward to trying out some of the suggestions and hoping to come home with some nice trillium images that, as described in the two prior posts, express the idea I have in my mind.

Normally, the trillium would be out and in full bloom this time of year. As I was listening to music during the hour drive, I had, in the back of my mind, the concern that the absolutely dreadful, cold weather that we have been having here lately was going to have delayed things. But I had the day, and off I went.

When I arrived.....not a blooming trillium in sight!! So, instead of a multitude of white blooms, here is the status of Western Pennsylvania trillium on April 20th.

Trillim Up, But Not In Bloom Yet
Copyright Howard Grill

Needless to say, not everything always works out as planned. I still had a nice time out in the woods, though. And with the desire to work with what one is given, I made some trillium leaf abstracts instead.

Trillium Leaves
Copyright Howard Grill

Stay tuned, though. I still hope to manage to get out in the woods when they are in bloom and let everyone know how I did with their advice.