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I thought that midweek would be a good time to bring up the subject of humor in photography; something to help us make it to the weekend. A good laugh is healthy. However, when it comes to photography most people are usually pretty serious. Nonetheless, we still like to grab a shot if we see something funny. But unlike our ‘serious’ photography, most of these shots stay unseen and without an audience. I can understand why, as it would seem to detract from the ‘professionalism’ of serious artists. But we don’t have to be totally serious all the time.

I was surprised that when I Googled humorous photographs I came up with tons of ‘hits’, but perusing through them I found that they were mostly all the expected rude humor or stock photo sites, where the images really weren’t all that funny. I did find this site, which was pretty funny, at least as far as statues go. When I looked through my images, I really couldn’t find all that many that were funny either. I did find this one, which I remember made me smile at the time I took it, but now it really doesn’t do a whole lot for me either.

Copyright Howard Grill

I was thinking it might be fun if folks that were reading this blog e-mailed me some of their funny shots, if they have any, and I could post them as a blog entry. I thought it might just be interesting to ‘put it out there’. If I don’t get any I won’t post any. If you send one I would certainly post it with a copyright notice, unless you would prefer to remain anonymous so as not to detract from your serious photography. Likewise, if you know of any websites with humorous photographs please comment or e-mail and I will post them.

Let’s see what happens!