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Recommended Photography Magazines

Given some of the great recommendations and comments that have been posted in response to this entry about photography magazines, I thought it would be worthwhile to put up a list, in one location, of the recommendations people have made for photography magazines worth looking into. With the title of this post being "Recommended Photography Magazines", it will be easy for anyone to find and one that I will edit; adding further interesting recommendations as they come in.

So here goes:

Adiemus and Latoga recommended JPG Magazine,
Chris recommended American Photo, but with some reservations,
David recommended Photographica (Japanese language, available at Amazon Japan, which is linked)
Gary recommended B&W Magazine and Photo Life,
George recommended Phot'Art International and Black and White Photography,
Howard recommended Photo Life, Nature's Best and has hopes for CameraArts,
Mark recommended Digital PhotoPro, and
Everyone recommends LensWork

I will add more to the list if people make further recommendations. Again, I would like to complile a list of photography magazines, published in any country, that are more focused on creativity and actual images as opposed to techniques and equipment.