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I recently ran across, well, I am not sure exactly what to call it……a toolbar, a utility, a plug-in….but whatever one calls it, it is certainly a lot of fun. “It” is StumbleUpon, which can be found here.

The free software inserts into your web-browser as a toolbar and when you click on the “Stumble” button you get transported to a random website. Wait, before you run away in disgust saying that the last thing you need is a visit to a random website.......I haven’t yet told you the best part. The software is customizable so that you can have it search for specific subjects of which, yes, photography is a choice. You can limit the ‘stumbling’ to a single topic or a group of topics. So, if I tell StumbleUpon to limit itself to photography it brings me to random photography related sites. I have found lots of very cool websites that I never would have known about and which I have enjoyed visiting. Sites like this one......really, check it out.

Enjoy your stumbling!