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Non-Canon Lenses On Canon (Or Nikon) Cameras

About a year or two ago, I wrote an article for Michael Johnston’s newsletter, The 37th Frame, which ultimately morphed into The Online Photographer, about using non-Canon lenses on Canon full frame dSLRs. The article resides on my website, as it is too long to put up as a blog post. Nonetheless, I thought that it might prove interesting to some people and thought that, as today’s post, I would put up a link to it. The article can be read here.

Though it specifically addresses Canon cameras, which is what I use, my understanding is that the article would be directly applicable to Nikon cameras as well. The only exception would be that a Contax to Nikon adapter would obviously be required, as opposed to one made for adapting Contax to Canon.

In addition, Joe Reifer, in his excellent blog entitled Words, wrote a review about using Olympus Zuiko lenses on full frame Canon cameras. That can be read here.