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Skyscrapers are one of the reasons that I enjoy photographing in an urban setting. There are just so many ways to compose an image with them that you could stand in one location and experiment for hours.

Despite the fact that skyscrapers have easily identifiable outlines, I find that my favorite images of them are ones that are taken when I consider them in the abstract; by removing from my mind the fact that they are buildings and, instead, consider them as lines, shapes and colors. Given the number of buildings like this in any major city, there is an almost endless array of composition and images that are waiting to be made.

Image taken In Downtown Pittsburgh
Copyright Howard Grill

As I mentioned in a prior post, I find it interesting that the mind set and compositional ideas I use to photograph the urban landscape are really no different than those that I find myself using to photograph nature. Before venturing out into the city with a camera, I thought they would be very different!