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Overdone, But Still Fun

I enjoy photographing statues and monuments when I go into the city with a camera. I guess they are somewhat overdone since it is awfully easy to find plenty of statue images. I do think that many statue images seem dull and somewhat sterile appearing. But that might be because most of the ones we see are from travel guides, history texts, and the like. They are presented in what is essentially a documentary format, much like flowers in a field guide.

Images Taken In Downtown Pittsburgh

Copyright Howard Grill

Because there are so many 'field guide' type presentations, I view statue photographs as something that has a fair amount of potential for creativity. Now, I am not saying that I am a great connoisseur of these type of images, but I do know that if we pick statues that are interesting in appearance and shoot them from angles other than eye level they have a fair amount of potential.

As an aside, I see no reason why this blog should contain only my images, so I was going to try a little experimentation from time to time. If anyone that might be reading this entry has a particularly interesting or unique statue image please feel free to e-mail a copy to me at If some interesting images come in I can post the contributions on the blog along with the photographer's name and a copyright notice.