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Public Service Announcement

Somehow or other, I managed to not know about Alec Soth and his work until recently. If you haven’t seen his photographs, you should consider having a look.

Since discovering his rather unique style, I have been wanting to buy a copy of his monograph “Sleeping By The Mississippi”, which was published in 2004 by Steidl Publishing. Unfortunately, the book is no longer available from either Amazon or Magnum, the two sources he notes on his website. Searching for a copy at the usual locations such as Abe’s Books, e-Bay etc. is not for the faint of heart, as copies are priced at $300 and up. However, I am here to report that Tim Whelan, whose brick and mortar store is right down the block from The Maine Photographic Workshops, has copies available for 50 bucks. I received mine a few days ago and, at the time I made the purchase, I know he had others available.

Incidentally, Tim also intermittently has very interesting photo memorabilia for sale on e-Bay. For approximately $20 each I have purchased two mint condition posters, one from a John Sexton gallery show and the other from an Arnold Newman show,.....both autographed by the photographers.

So, where do you go if interested in Sleeping By The Mississippi? Right here, about halfway down the page. Enjoy!