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The Wall

The wall…I am not talking Pink Floyd here. I am talking about rock, real rock. George Barr, in his blog entitled Behind The Lens, recently had a very interesting entry entitled Rock Details As Project, in which he discusses photographing rock surfaces as art. I commented on that post to say that I had attended a photography workshop at the Oregon Coast back in August and that during that trip we spent a day photographing in Shore Acres State Park. Within that park is an incredible rock seawall that contains a multitude of shapes and colors. During the workshop, we spent several hours photographing this particular wall. Apparently Minor White, I am told, ran workshops at that same location during which his students would spend the better part of a week photographing segments of just that one single seawall. Besides being a fascinating location to photograph (though I am not sure I would want to spend an entire week at that one location alone) it was an inspiring experience knowing who had photographed there in years gone by.

Copyright Howard Grill

Taken In Shore Acres State Park, Oregon

The two photos above were both taken at “The Wall”.

Though the primary purpose of this entry is to discuss rock photography, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that this particular workshop was given by Nancy Rotenberg, who is a truly inspirational teacher. Anyone considering a workshop would do well to consider hers, as the workshop that I attended was simply superb.