Information about my fine art Urban Photography Portfolio that contains urban themed images with a focus on Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania architecture.


When photographing nature and the landscape, I find the subject itself to be of less importance than the strength of the composition. I look for strong graphic lines, shapes, and colors. In my mind, the most successful photographs are those taken of 'ordinary things' and 'ordinary places' that, nonetheless, elicit strong emotional responses.

My approach to urban photography is much the same as my approach to photographing the landscape. While photographing the city, I am intrigued by the angles and shapes that are made by the skyscrapers. My eyes are drawn to the reflections found in a buildings' windows much as they are drawn to a reflection of trees in a pool of water. I tend to see the "urban landscape" in the abstract, rather than grounded in reality.

Perhaps of some interest is that, since 9/11, photographing in the city with a tripod has become much more difficult. While photographing in Pittsburgh, I have been asked by private security guards to leave from nearly every location I have visited despite being on public property.

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