The Carrie Furnace eBook

The Carrie Furnace eBook

The Carrie Furnace eBook by Howard Grill

Between 1881 and 1978 the Carrie Furnace was used to produce iron which was then shipped, still molten, across the Monongahela River to the Homestead Steel Works (site of the famous Homestead Strike of 1892). It played an important role in the industrial heritage and history of Western Pennsylvania. Closed in 1978, the furnace has lay dormant for 34 years.

"The Carrie Furnace" eBook contains 47 photographs of the Carrie Furnace as it appeared in 2011. It has since changed, and continues to change, thanks to the restoration efforts of Rivers Of Steel, a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of Western Pennsylvania's industrial and steel making heritage.

Having been moved by the process of photographing the abandoned blast furnace, I searched for someone that had worked at the facility that I might be able to speak with. I was quite fortunate to meet Mr. Ron Gault, who worked at Carrie as a young man in the 1970s. He provided fascinating information and anecdotes related to the photographs I showed him, and this audio content is included as part of the multimedia Carrie Furnace eBook.

The eBook is available for immediate download and contains:

  • 63 pages of contentHigher resolution images than those on my website (ability to zoom) with full screen mode
  • Embedded audio content - just click the audio icon on image pages to hear Mr. Gault's commentary
  • Easy and rapid navigation using a navigation toolbar, bookmarks, and thumbnails
  • Formatted for a beautiful display on desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones
  • More information about the Carrie Furnace and Rivers Of Steel