A folio is a self-contained fine art photography project and consists of a collection of photographic prints with a unifying theme in an attractive case. Howard Grill offers several photographic projects for purchase in this format.

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What exactly is a folio?

A folio is a collection of prints with a unifying theme; a self-contained photography project. It lies somewhere between a book and a 'ready to hang' series of matted prints. In reality, it is unfair to compare it to either books or matted prints, as a folio is meant to allow a totally different viewing experience.

While a folio is an 'art object', it is nonetheless meant to be handled and is small enough to be looked at and enjoyed while sitting in the comfort of your favorite chair. 


What does a folio include?

My folios include a folding case/cover made from heavy, fine-art paper stock hand lined with matboard to give the case stiffness and 'substance'. An original print with the folio title is displayed through a bevel cut opening in the case. Inside is a signed and numbered booklet with the title of the project, an artist's statement, a list of prints, and a colophon. The project itself contains 10-15 prints that are 8.5 x 11 inches in size and have my name and the title of the project printed at the bottom of each image.


How is a folio constructed and printed?

All materials used to construct the folio case and booklet are acid-free, colorfast, and archivally produced to museum standards. Likewise, the prints themselves are generated in the same fashion as my larger photographs using an Epson 7900 professional grade printer, archival pigment inks, and archival fine-art papers designed to give many decades of enjoyment with absolutely no fading.


Available Folios:

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