Information about my fine art photography portfolio that portrays dreams. The photographs were taken using a zone plate instead of a glass lens. This imparts a unique soft focus effect as well as highlights that glow.


Dancing Glass Statues

Dreaming, I am told, is the mechanism by which we allow our subconscious mind to safely express our inner fears and desires.

When I was a child, I used to have frequent dreams that I could recall with great clarity. However, as I have gotten older, I now find that I rarely remember my dreams. My "Dreamscapes Project" is an attempt to fill that void by creating the dreams that I should be having, some pleasant and others disturbing.

What each image means to me is likely to be very different from what they might mean to anyone else. Thus, in order not to direct the viewer down any particular interpretive path, I have chosen to number each image rather than give them specific titles.

The photographs in this series were made using a zone plate instead of a glass lens. A zone plate is similar to a pinhole, but instead of a single small hole it consists of a series of thin, clear concentric circles etched into plastic at mathematically defined distances from each other. This imparts a soft focus with rather unique glowing highlights to the image. No lens, in the classic sense, was used to focus the light in these photos.

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